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Thread: cambelt change then breakdown

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    Default cambelt change then breakdown

    3wks ago my husbands van went into the garage for a routine cambelt change. Within 4days he broke down with screaching and smoke coming from the cambelt caseing. We were recovered to the garage that did the work and expected them to put right what had gone wrong. They said they couldnt find anything wrong with it. So they took it for a test drive and it did the same to them. They have stripped it and still say they cant find anything wrong yet they have apparently sent the engine off??!! Why would the engine need to be sent off if no damage?.
    They have now had this van for 2wks and still no further along. It ran like a dream before it went in for a cambelt.
    My husband uses this van for work and has now had to take my estate car instead which means I am currently having to take unpaid time off work as my job requires travelling to and from clients houses and so a taxi to work and back is not possible.
    The garage are now saying it is nothing to do with the cambelt? Are they fobbing us off? I believe they are, but how do we prove it? I will refuse to pay a bill for this van, especially even more so that theyve sent the head off without even diagnosing and discussing the options with us.
    Where do we stand?

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    Difficult to state what is wrong without seeing the car but from your description, i.e. van was fine before and screeching and smoke afterwards, suggests they have fitted something wrongly. And they would not send the engine off for repair unless there was something wrong with it.
    Time to get tough with them. Contact Citizens Advice who will record the details and your complaint. Then ask for Trading Standards to investigate the complaint and put pressure on the garage to repair at no expense to you. Also, you must claim expenses for the inconvenience so if you get taxis, get receipts and also tell the garage they will be paying for a hire car if they do not supply you with a courtesy car.
    If they are members of one of the schemes designed to improve the motor trade such as the Good Garage Scheme. Motorcodes etc (should be a sign displayed in reception) then they can get involved at no cost to you and investigate on your behalf.

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    With no disrespect to you, the garage is probably a back street cowboy outfit and you have been ripped off. How can you send an engine away for checking? What a load of bunkum. they have either changed the engine or messed up the cambelt change.

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