Hi folks,

I recently bought my first car, a 2006 Ford Focus 1.6 Petrol (5dr). I have had it about two months and am looking for some advice on why I may be struggling to start on occasion although it has never broken down I am worried it may soon come to that.

When I turn on the ignition, I can hear the fuel pump starting and clicking and then sometimes when I attempt to start the engine I hear the starter motor trying its hardest to start the car but it doesn't fire, it takes three or four times to get going and then when it does fire it tends to be fairly unenthusiastic and does not seem happy. When it does eventually fire, all the dials on the dash fall to zero for about 5 seconds until turning on again. Once running, there is no issue at all, it runs like a dream it just struggles to get going sometimes.

It sometimes happens when the engine is lukewarm (not hot but no a cold start) but has also happened when cold once. I thought maybe it has been the fuel pump/filters, could it be spark plugs, or is there a bigger underlying problem. The issue is I cannot take it to a garage as it only happens maybe once every ten times I try to start it but I am fairly sure it is becoming more frequent. I have had a full tank of fuel and it has happened and so it isn't no fuel. There is no warning lights on the dash or anything

It is a rather strange problem, I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas?

Thanks for your help, first post so please be nice.