I am looking at a small car (Yaris, Corsa, Fiesta) as I am a new driver so therefore have quite high insurance, I have a 2 year old son and I need a reliable car to get me from A to B and not break down, fall apart on me or cost the Earth to run!

I have found a 2002 plate Corsa and my friends fella was supposed to go and check it over for me (he is a mechanic who works for a large dealership) but he has let me down twice and now has gone on holiday now. I really need a car this weekend if possible, the car is sold by a dealer, and says it offers "Nationwide Warranties", now I have absolutely no knowledge of the motoring world, so if I were to say, but this car on Saturday and something were to go wrong with it, would I be able to get it fixed or take it back to the dealer?

I am not sure how these things work, I would prefer to buy a car from a dealer than privately, and I dont know anyone else who would be able to look over the car for me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! The link for the car is below.

Many thanks