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    I am looking at a small car (Yaris, Corsa, Fiesta) as I am a new driver so therefore have quite high insurance, I have a 2 year old son and I need a reliable car to get me from A to B and not break down, fall apart on me or cost the Earth to run!

    I have found a 2002 plate Corsa and my friends fella was supposed to go and check it over for me (he is a mechanic who works for a large dealership) but he has let me down twice and now has gone on holiday now. I really need a car this weekend if possible, the car is sold by a dealer, and says it offers "Nationwide Warranties", now I have absolutely no knowledge of the motoring world, so if I were to say, but this car on Saturday and something were to go wrong with it, would I be able to get it fixed or take it back to the dealer?

    I am not sure how these things work, I would prefer to buy a car from a dealer than privately, and I dont know anyone else who would be able to look over the car for me.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! The link for the car is below.

    Many thanks

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    Under absolutely no circumstances take out or pay for a warranty. There are dozens of posts on here showing what a rip off they are.
    A Corsa is likely to become unreliable especially at that age and will need lots of money spending on it.

    If you want reliability the Yaris is your only choice. May be dearer but by far and away the most reliable car as any car satisfaction survey will show.

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    Welcome to the site-bubblesdevere, what ever you do, don't rush into buying a car just because you need one quickly, as you are leaving yourself wide open to being ripped off.Take your time, and check everything out before you commit to buying, good luck.

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    Take Hometune's advice about warranties. They really are just a way for the dealer to make a little more profit (from the commission) and seem to find ways of not paying out more often than not.

    A 2002 car is now 12 years old and the Corsa is not famed for its longevity. You are also likely to be the third, or even fourth, owner, so will have no idea how it has been treated. However urgent your need, take Smudger's advice and take your time.

    The CAB have some first class advice which I recommend you read:

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