Tobermory's (indeed Mull's) only roundabout. Three roads meet, two of which are 2 way traffic but third is approached over single track width bridge. Once off bridge, give way lines are approx one car's length from bridge and there's room for one car (nothing larger) to wait clear (ish) off roundabout if vehicles coming over bridge. Snag! Roundabout quite wide and often buses stop to let folks off for upper Tob, the campsite a couple of miles up the road and so on. Altho' you can see (if you're on the give way lines) to your right beyond the parked up bus, traffic from the right (to whom one should give way is approaching downhill and not everyone - including locals - indicates their intentions! (In fact, I'm having a wee moan about the lack of indication!)

This pm was heading down to Main St. i.e. over bridge and turn left; bus parked off-loading and motorhome followed by other traffic coming downhill from right as I slowed for the give way (was only doing 10mph as I'd stopped to let a car coming towards me over). Motorhome (without indicating overtakes bus then pulls left to take bridge exit, totally blocking my view of traffic coming from right. Car behind me on bridge so no-on was going anywhere, including the bus who didn't have the turning angle to pull right when road was clear past rear end of the motorhome (I found out he'd got a couple of cars behind him who wanted to turn left). With more vehicles piling up behind me and waiting at the junction just after the bridge, the only way to clear this gridlock was for me to inch forward, keeping hard left over the give way lines to see if anything was coming from the right. Unfortunately, the ferry queue was just arriving and it was a good five minutes before there was a break to go.

Did shopping and went to fill up with fuel and bus driver there and got a teeny bit ratty. Pointed out that I was blind to my right and had to cross give way lines to see if anything was coming - if there'd been a coming together, I'd have been at fault. He stormed off.

I'm not very happy about this incident and not sure what to do about it. Ideas?