In July 2012 I was involved in a serious car accident. I was driving don't remember anything about it and police put it down as no fault accident. I had a serious head injury so had to inform the DVLA even though I made a quick recovery. For the first year I was told there was increased chance of having seizures which obviously would of effected my ability of driving. Well from January 2013 I have been waiting to hear from the DVLA I have not had any seizures at all and think the higher risk of them is now over. In September 2013 I was told I had to take an eye test for driving reading a car number plate at 20m or whatever it is. I did this and passed. I was told that was it and I could drive.

I have been driving from December 2013 with no problems. I have now been told by DVLA I have to take a driving assessment and if I don't take the first one available I will get my licence took off me. They actually still have it from me sending it for new photo last June but have said I'm still able to drive for now. Now it doesn't seem fair that after over a year of waiting for them to decide if I can drive I've got to take an assessment straight away or lose my licence. I realise the assessment is for my own safety but I don't understand if I have to pass an assessment to see if I'm safe driving why am I allowed to drive before the assessment? It makes as much sence as allowing a learner drive alone before passing the driving test.

Can anyone explain what is involved in driving assessments and what they are looking for apart from the obvious to see if I'm safe driving. Also will I be asked to do another eyesight test even though I passed one in September?