Hi, I hope some one can help. My son was knocked off his motorcycle last year by a car pulling out to the right from a stationary line of cars waiting at a set of pedestrian crossing lights. He was not riding dangerously, he was not breaking any laws and his insurers/solicitors, after making him wait almost a year, have now said he is 70% responsible and if he does not accept their decision, they will no longer represent him.
The road at this point has three lanes, one for going ahead, one for a right turn that is some ten meters back from the pedestrian crossing and the one for oncoming traffic.
My son was overtaking the stationary cars, using the right hand lane and travelling very slowly when, without warning, a car pulled out of the stationary line of traffic, hit my son knocking him off his bike and drove off up the right hand side street.
Witnessed (in written statements) said the car did not indicate and clearly he did not check his mirrors or he would have seen my son. The young company Rep' driving the car eventually came back and details were exchanged. This happened in a residential area and my comment was what if this had been a child on a bicycle turning right? Conditions were dry and clear in full daylight with good visibility all round. He has an Advanced Riding Instructor who is prepared to say in his opinion my sons actions were not unsafe as they clearly were not.
My son is being punished by a major company defending the reckless driving of one of their young Reps and it is despicable that my sons insurers are virtually blackmailing him.
All advice gratefully received and thanks in advance.