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Thread: motorbike accident, help with repairer

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    Default motorbike accident, help with repairer

    hi, , i had an accident (non-fault), i have bennets insurance (unluckily) they referred me to minster law solicitors who are notorious group and will milk cash from third party, they arranged me physiologist or sumat but infact i dont need, they referred me to 4rth dimension who picked up motorbike yesterday and gave me a letter that i will to pay for storage costs in terms and condition.
    i know 4th dimension will get the repairer and storage cost from third party but they will keep the motorbike for 4 weeks and will keep saying that they are waiting for parts.
    i cannot change my solicitors from minster law because i have singed them for more then 14 days, but here i want to ask if i can arrange an independent repairer myself or someone authorized mechanics who can give me estimate of the repairs and i can get settlement from third party instead of paying lods of money to 4th dimensions.
    Please reply me if it is possible or not as this is my first accident, or mention names of authorized repairer mechanics in London
    Honda cbf 125

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    Go round to the place that's got your bike, preferably with a friend and a trailer. Tell them that you need to take the bike to get a second estimate for the reapairs.

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    To be honest, and without reading the contract you signed, I suspect that you just have to wait it out.

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