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Thread: Clio 1.2 SJ52 KXA - Wont start, all lights on dash come on

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    Unhappy Clio 1.2 SJ52 KXA - Wont start, all lights on dash come on

    Please help.

    3 weeks ago I sat in my car, turned the key, and nothing, just a clicking sound every few seconds from over the passenger way (I think)
    I got a mechanic to come to my house, and he said it was my starter motor. The next day he returned with a 'new one' in a box.
    He fitted it within 5 mins, as I stood and watched.
    He then tried to start my car, which did make a better sounding noise, but still, no bite, just a little growl.
    He said it may be my battery, which is rubbish, as this was checked 2 weeks before because I had the chance to have it checked.

    Then he said 'how long has your immobiliser light been on?' ... to my shock he had now got this light on through disconnecting my battery!!!! After me paying £500 in January at Renault to get the air bag light off I was distraught.
    The car is only worth £600.00.
    So this mechanic didn't start my car, was paid £80 for fitting the starter motor and now my car still wont start. It just makes the same clicking noise it did before he messed with it, and apparently my immobiliser light is on.

    I tried the key again this morning. When i turn it, all the lights flash and it clicks rapidly but it sounds like its from under the bonnet this time, and after 5 seconds it stops, and nothing, so i tried again, and still nothing.
    Also, i have noticed the past couple of times i have tried to lock my car with the button on the key, the car lights didn't flash and i didn't hear the noise, and it wasn't locking the car, after a few goes it worked. I don't know if you need to know this! it just seems faint, do the keys have batteries / life span before you need a new one. Also, the girl i bought the car off had the barrel changed as her dad locked the keys in the car. If i had this done, could that solve it. Please Please Please help me im moving house and desperately need Leo the Clio back on the road !

    I will be forever grateful for any help !!
    I really don't want to scrap this car as ive spent over 1.5k on it already only had it 6 months !

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    My advice is not to ask that particular mechanic to help you again.

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