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Thread: Car repair at Garage-Repair cost more than car price

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    Exclamation Car repair at Garage-Repair cost more than car price

    My car break down, I have taken it to garage. estimate is given to me after 1 day for 850 pounds.
    Again after 2 days, Garage owner told me that there is a fault in engine, and asking additional 700 pounds.
    The cost of running car in market is not more than 1200 pounds.
    I told that I don't want to repair the car and asked them to return my car so that I can declare it scrap.
    Garage owner is not allowing me to take the car to declare it scrap, they are asking to pay the cost of parts and labour for the work they have already done on car which is around 700 pounds.

    Please advice me what should I do


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    I am not a lawyer.

    This comes down to what was said and what was agreed between you and the garage. If you agreed to pay the initial £850 and they carried out that work, then I think that they are entitled to their money. If they could have reasonably foreseen the extra cost, they may be on dodgy ground.

    I can see why you don't want to throw good money after bad, but if it was your garage, wouldn't you want to be paid for what you did? The only constructive suggestion I can offer is to negotiate with them. They can take the new parts off again to mitigate their loss, and maybe accept the scrap value of the car to cover at least part of the labour cost.

    If you just walk away I expect that they would go to court to pursue you for the debt, so that should not be an option.

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    My Dad once bought an Armstrong Sidley like that, he saw it in a corner of a garage, when he was taking his car in for a MOT.He asked them how much they wanted for it, and they said that the owner didn't want to pay the £875 repair bill, so he contacted the owner, who agreed to sell it to him, for the outstanding balance. He kept that car for years, until the rust on the chassis got so bad, it couldn't pass the MOT.

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    Pay the agreed sum and get your car back, It may work perfectly OK for a year or so.

    Please let us know how you get on.

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