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    Hi guys I will be turning 21 soon so am stuck between choices a few cars. I'd like something abit nippy, I currently have a kia rio 1.5 crdi which is nice to drive, very economical as I have business use insurance, but it sounds like a truck. So I'm looking for something cheap to insure, cheap tax, something relatively good on fuel.
    The cars I have in mind are: Toyota Celica vvti 1.8, Mini Cooper S 1.6, Honda civic Type R 2.0, Renault Clio 182?
    I would just like to ask for some advice on these and which is suited for me or wether you guys have any other cars in mind that are better suited for me.

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    "cheap to insure, cheap tax, something relatively good on fuel." I am tempted to suggest a bicycle. Your problem is that vehicles with that specification are in great demand, and the purchase price reflects this.

    Others will no doubt recommend the marque they favour. When I was a fleet manager my advice was always the same. Look at the dealerships and check out their reputation. Once you own the car, someone will have to maintain it, and they will have to source parts. Fuel is, of course your largest expense, but depreciation will probably cost more than insurance for all but the youngest, and maintenance on some cars can be very costly.

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    Don't know your budget but in my local garage/car dealer the other week I had some time to fill. Had a look at the M.Gs. They seem very good cars, reasonable prices and cheap to insure. If it weren't that I would like an auto I would have been very tempted.

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    I agree with belucky22. Have a look at M.G., nice cars for a nice price.

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