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    Hi All,
    I am looking to buy a 2013 Suzuki which is a private sale but well below market value and is a Cat c ins. wright off through Liverpool Vic.
    HPI checked ...ok and from 13 pictures looks like new. I am desperate to find more info on the extent of the damage, any thoughts? I have done an ins. quote on the registration and it has come up as norm.

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    You may already know this:
    A - Next to nothing left
    B - Not fit to go back on the road
    C - Major Damage but safely repairable
    D - Just uneconomic to repair as far as INs. concerned

    So a Cat C is where an insurance company has deemed a car not worth the cost of the repair. We have seen where insurance companies require an "engineers report" for a car that is subsequently put back on the road. It seems that this report can be some form of statement from a garage saying that the car is fit for the road. Your quote may not have taken the Cat C into account.

    As far as the car you are interested in goes; the best way to be sure, is to fork out for the RAC to inspect it.

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    Personally I would forget it and look elsewhere. For a 13 plate to be uneconomical to repair means extensive damage.

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