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Thread: Mistake.

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    I go along with Loony's comment, "I wouldn't rely on the Internet too much", apart from, perhaps, ***** websites.
    Also, the ultimate reaction by the police can very from the norm - even they occasionally take misappropriate steps - hence periodic media reports of the police coming under scrutiny and wrist-slapping.

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    I take Jeremy Clarkson's attitude to the Internet. There are 134,000,000,000,000,000,000 facts on the Internet, and they are all wrong. I have sent emails to a number of website owners asking where they obtained certain information which I am sure is wrong, but have never once had a reply.

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    Just so you know - I am well aware of the pitfalls of relying on uniformed comments in the internet. That said, there are some good sites like the dot gov mentioned, but also CAG and Pepipoo among others.

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    Still yet to hear! 6 months is coming up before the end of the month? Not fun with this hanging over me. So what happens if the 6 months is up? Does anyone have An answer because they seem to vary. Thanks

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    Six months from the offence is the deadline for the police/CPS to "lay information" at court. If they do, the court will then set a date for a hearing, and issue a summons. This can take a week or two. If you haven't heard by seven months, you're almost certainly ok.

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