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Do you drive/or are likely to drive on behalf of the NHS as part of your employment? Only in such cases would you have to inform them of any motoring convictions.
In certain professions in the NHS other than driving, the regulatory body and hospital have to be notified of a criminal offence. This does not mean that anything will happen as it just goes on a record. The requirement is aimed at crimes other than those classified as motoring basics offences which carry points such as speeding. If you are a registered nurse, speak to you RCN /UNITE senior rep for guidance. Always remember that your union will help with advice on all legal matters if required. The RCN covers you legally to and from work for all travel/legal problems.I am aware of a nurse who forged time sheets and was sent to jail. She was NOT struck off the nursing register as expected and continues to practice. I was an RCN rep.