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Personally I hope that Siani's trusting nature will not be destroyed by what is after all a minor event. To pursue what may well be a fragile old lady with relentless vigour, demanding the full pound of flesh without compromise, seems to me to be both inhumane and morally wrong.
Who says she is a fragile old lady? Complaining of feeling unwell could (a) be a ploy to avoid her responsibilities, (b) is not a defence when a motoring error has been committed which results in damage to a third party, and (c) who is to say that she hit Siani's car because she is not fit to drive - perhaps even to the point that this occurrence is not unusual in her driving history.

Negotiate and agree a solution - if the result is a total loss - chalk it up to one of life's experiences. Taking the aggressive option, even if it is successful, will provide no lasting satisfaction.
Neither is the thought of being duped by a wily old bird who uses age/illness excuses to dodge paying her dues.

I frequently, when it will cost me little or no delay, allow people out of side streets. My children used to complain that it was always me who reversed to a passing place on country lanes. If someone pounds up behind me with his lights flashing, my instinct is to let them pass at the earliest opportunity, even if I am driving at or above the speed limit. I sincerely believe that what goes round comes round - in the words of the bible - we sow what we reap. In my 70+ years, I have been ripped off a couple of times, been involved in a few collisions, one major, but on the whole I have been pretty fortunate and I think that my philosophy has stood the test of time.
Siani, as explained, started with a very charitable approach, only to have it thrown back in her face. Piety has to be used with caution and, in any case, it is not for anyone on here to dictate Siani's moral code of practice in resolving the matter.

Under the circumstances, I refute the accusation that Trainman or myself were suggesting aggressive behaviour; rather that we are encouraging Siani not to be ridden over roughshod by a woman who is patently selfish.