I was parked up opposite a shop yesterday afternoon and as I came out of the shop I saw an elderly lady had driven into the back of my car. She stopped and we went to inspect the damage.
It was a bright day and so I could see a couple of scratches but thought the light shining on the car was creating the illusion of dents. We exchanged details anyway even though I thought a couple of scratches would be easy enough to fix.
Viewing the car in a different light there are definitely some dents so I took it to a body shop repair place today who have quoted me £180 to repair.
We have contacted the lady who is being quite funny about the situation insisting there was only a scratch. She doesn't want to go through her insurance as insists she is too ill for this so we have agreed to contact her again on Tuesday for her decision (she is going away tomorrow until then)
I guess I would appreciate some advice on what I can do to limit the exposure for myself? I took pictures of my car after the accident and the quote has been given only a day later (written quote)
I understand if she refuses to speak to us further or provide a solution my insurance company can contact hers to take care of it for more but are there any more steps I need to take to ensure I am protected against having to fund this myself or affect my no claims?