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Thread: Vauxhall Astra: Problems problems problems :/

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    Unhappy Vauxhall Astra: Problems problems problems :/

    Hi. I bought a Vauxhall Astra 1.6i 51 plate about 2 months ago. After about 10 days it felt as though I could no longer drive it, had to adjust clutch when pulling away and felt sluggish. Then the engine light came on, took to garage they said diagnostics saying fuel pump (fuel gauge also never worked). I also had new drop link fitted as this was worn. Engine light came on again and took to different garage where they said diagnostics saying lamber sensors and EGR valve? Then the front driver wheel started to squeal when driving and brakes started to squeal when pressed. Took to 2 different garages and was told no problem and drives fine. I noticed that it had started to pull, predominantly to left and was feeling like was driving with brakes on and brake pedal was feeling hard to press. Took back to garage and was told front driver brake calliper was stuck on, pads fine so just replace caliper, then they said on removing calliper pad had melted onto it so also needed pads. Have also had rear brake shoes fitted but still the problem exists. I have been told rear passenger wheel bearing needs replacing. I have had people drive it and they drive round block and say its fine, but i know there's something wrong! Sometimes i can get in it and it feels fine for a short while, then i feel it change and its back to square one. So to summarise.....1: engine light on 2: steering feels heavy, not like no power steering at all, but like on a spring almost, pulls predominantly to left but slightly to right also 3: brake pedal sometimes feels hard 4: feels sluggish as if driving with handbrake on 5: when turning steering wheel fully (going in or out parking spaces etc) grinding noise coming from front 6: garages refusing to listen to me and thinking im slightly nuts i think!!! I really like the car itself and when it drives well its lovely, but when its not driving well its scary and i have children in the car most times. I just want to know whats wrong and fix it, and stop thinking/worrying about it. Apart from scrapping it,any advice???? Thanks in advance

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    well my reply is find a good garage but that might be like finding gold?
    can you list things you have had replaced?

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    Find the nearest Bosch Service Centre for an accurate diagnosis.

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