Hello. I have decided to switch to an automatic car after 3 years (on and off) of struggle trying to master learning in a manual. I've had 3 instructors and failed my test twice. I failed the first time with 16 minors (all related to clutch control and gears) and one major (stupidly drove on a bus lane). The second time I was so nervous I couldn't even start the car so didn't go ahead with the test so wasn't a failure technically. I've had over 75 hours and have come a long way but I have a serious coordination problem in that I can never control the pedals, change the gears and steer at the same time. My last instructor suggested to try an automatic. I am fully aware that I will always be limited to driving an auto and other issues such as costs etc but I am prepared to go ahead with this decision. It's really a case of trying a last resource or giving up learning altogether.

I would love to hear from people who have made the switch whilst learning and passed their test. How did you find it? did you feel more confident on the roads? how many lessons did you take before sitting the test? My theory certificate expires end of May and I'm hoping to sit my test end of April. Is this realistic? Would doing a semi intensive course help? Thanks in advance