Hi ,
My problem is this , i give my renault megane 1.5 dci to a local garage for an 80k cam belt service cost of £180 . i get a call the next day to inform me that they made an error in the fitting and the new fitted belt jumped off and bent all the parts inside the engine . they said it would be delayed for about about 3 days and they would cover the cost of there errors . so ok i will have to go with what they say . 2 weeks later after me trying to call them and them not picking up the phone when they saw my number i had to make the trip to find out what it was taking so long . i was then told that the 3rd party company that was rebuilding my damaged engine had to replace the cam as it was part of the warranty rules to cover there job and that i had to pay them an extra £600 or i would not get my car back . i was advised to pay this even if i did not want to just because it was seen as an unpaid bill in the eyes of the law . then i could claim it back via small claims. ( advise from trading standards) anyways i arrive to collect my car , they take cash and they don't want to give me a receipt for the money and state that they never give out breakdown reports on the work done for service records . they said they would make one up but that never happened . anyway on the way home after about 5 mins drive the car lost all power due to the turbo blowing up with a banging sound coming out from the engine . i informed the garage with a letter that i was going to find out the problem via a check over at my local renault dealer . ( who where the garage who found the turbo had blown ) this was due to incorrect re fitting when the engine was put back and they had bent the oil in pipe to the turbo and starved it of oil. after 4 letters asking them to put good the problem or i would have to employ another garage still no return letter and they say that i have not sent then any letters even thou they have signed for them all .latest twist is after the new turbo has been fitted at the main dealer they just called me and said that the bent pipe is also blocked with silicone from within the head after re fitting so would have to re strip the engine and find the problem . the trading standards people have said that the 2010 car could be a right off as the cost so far is over £3500 of repair to put right the errors made by the garage . im not sure where to turn now. any angle on this would be a great help guys