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Thread: Who would your top celebrity driving companion be?

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    Default Who would your top celebrity driving companion be?

    Who would your top celebrity driving companion be?

    We've taken a look back at the driving habits visitors to the RAC Route Planner had last winter and it makes for some interesting reading!

    Covering everything from the UK's top winter driving locations and the number of long trips people made to the top five long journey snacks and most popular driving songs.

    David Attenborough was a resounding favourite in this this category, closely followed by Jeremy Clarkson, Michael Palin, Stephen Fry and Robbie Williams but do you agree?

    View the full infographic of results here:

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    I would take the most officious, political correct, tree hugging, health and safety loving person, then drive like a loony until they screamed for me to stop.Then, and then, go faster????lol.

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    How ridiculous! And what an insult to those in parts of the country who regularly have lousy driving conditions in winter as a norm (and sometimes summer, too)! I'm no fan of Clarkson but if forced I'd rather have him - would kick him where it hurts to do the heavy physical and he at least has some mechanical knowledge! For God's sake, stop pandering to the populace celeb mad crowd and get down to the nitty gritty and get people driving properly without all this celeb c++p!

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