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Thread: Minibus in spain

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    Question Minibus in spain

    I want to take the family on a camping holiday to spain in a 12 seat minibus registered as PLG
    do I need a Tachograph in spain.

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    Taking a minibus over the channel can be complicated. How many people are you taking? Can you magically turn it into a motorcar by taking out four seats?

    As far as I can see - if you have more than nine seats, including the driver, you are subject to all of the rules, just like a coach driver. Note that it is the number of seats that matters, not the design or the registration class of the vehicle.

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    I have done a little more research and it looks as if the V5, which you must take with you, would have to show that it was a 9 seater and not 12.

    "In planning a trip abroad the two requirements that are most likely to cause
    difficulties are:
     Driver licensing – drivers must have passed a D or D1 driving test. The
    exemptions which allow you to drive a minibus in the UK on your car
    licence, whether you passed your driving test before or after January
    1997, do not allow you to drive a minibus in other EU countries. You must
    have current D1 or D entitlement on your licence, gained by passing a
    D1 or D driving test (D is a PCV licence for more than 16 passenger
    seats). You cannot drive a minibus abroad if you only have an
    ordinary ‘B’ car driving licence.
     Tachograph – for all other EU countries the minibus must be fitted with a
    tachograph. Drivers must comply with EU drivers’ hours regulations and
    the tachograph must be used throughout the trip, from the moment the trip
    commences in the UK.
    Another potential obstacle is that the minibus will need a speed limiter,
    restricting its maximum speed to 100kph (62 mph). This is only an issue for older
    minibuses, built before 2008 – all newer minibuses have factory-fitted speed
    limiters as standard. Older buses may have them, especially those built from
    2005 onwards.
    In summary, before you start planning a trip abroad in any detail, make sure that:
     You have appropriately licensed drivers
     The minibus has a tachograph fitted
     And has a speed limiter"

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