Hey guys,

First post so please be nice! So I broke down on Friday on the M6 southbound by Stoke. First of all, should say that I received fantastic service from Darren (1537) the friendly RAC drive who was based nearby. Towed me back up to Liverpool no bother and did well not to explode with frustration at the late afternoon traffic!

In terms of what led to the breakdown, I was doing 75mph or so in the outside lane and all of a sudden there was a loud bang, like metal on metal, and lost oil pressure immediately. Pulled over into the hard shoulder and switched the engine off. Had a look in the engine bay and essentially oil all over the place and a hefty trail behind the car. So called Darren and he came for a nose and thought the oil pump may have failed.

Anyway, got it towed to my local garage. Transpires the conrod shattered and burst its way through the block blowing a big hole in it. Not sure what the exact cause was, i.e. whether the oil pump failed initially and caused the conrod to break from the piston. Essentially catastrophic engine failure. Have done some research online and it appears the BXE engine is prone to this type of incident. Rather cheesed off as the car hasn't even passed 75,000 miles! Clearly too soon to be failing.

So VW have asked I take it to them instead so they can diagnose the problem and charge £8,000 for a replacement engine. The cars not even worth that (around £6,000 when running) so it's definitely a no go. Have found a 57,000 mile donor engine through Charles Trent for £1,200 exc VAT including plugs, injectors and the turbo. Local garage quoted around £1,000 for labour and ancillary replacements (water pump, cam-belt etc). Engine comes with a 12 month warranty and 12,000 miles. But, as it stands this one donor engine is the only reasonable option available. I don't trust eBay and there really are very few decent BXE engines out there.

Has anybody got any suggestions where best to look as I'm slowly losing the will to live?

Am looking at alternative motors as a plan B (budget of circa £8,000) in the event we do eventually find a replacement engine and can flog the Golf on. Any suggestions there?

Any advice gratefully received!