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Thread: Common Law means we dont need to register our vechiles. Is this right?

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    Default Common Law means we dont need to register our vechiles. Is this right?

    Hi A few months ago I watched this interview with John Harris, who basically tells you, your God given right by Common Law. For me, I never really hear anyone who talks about common law, and if what he says is true then I can understand why we are never taught it. Anyway, he says in law, registration means to hand over ownership of whatever your registering. If you do that, then that item can be taken away from you. Ie your child / vechile etc...From what Ive researched he is right. And on youtube and other websites there are people who claimed they have deregistered their car. This therefore means the ownership of the vechile is yours and anyone who takes will be regarded as theft. Meaning, that its becomes illegal for anyone to tow it away. I was wondering if anyone has looked into this properly, or have done so. Please share Thanks

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    I am no expert but common law or case law does not take precedence over statute law (which tells you to register your car). This is a quote from Legalbeagles:
    "Case law should never have precedent over statute. Case law can interpret statute but cannot over ride it"

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    Harris and others are part of the "Freemen on the land" movement.

    Their beliefs are based on a complete misreading of law, either deliberate or mistaken. See

    See also David Icke, who believes he is the reincarnation of Christ and that the world is ruled by giant lizards.

    Nutters. Avoid.

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    I won't waste two hours of my time watching a video, but the premise that common law outranks statute in some way defies common sense. Registering a car does not in any way relinquish ownership, and if the law says we have to register it, then the state can operate whatever sanctions they have available to enforce that law.

    Ask any woman who relied on her status as a 'common law' wife to claim an inheritance.
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    The ultimate answer to this is the Registration Number. You need one to comply with the law, and without one, I don't see how it could be insured or taxed. You can't get a Registration Number without a vehicle being registered. I think the guy is building castles in the air.

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    As the consensus is this is nonsense and considering other links OP has posted, I think we'll leave this thread here.

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