I've had road-side recovery for years, with various companies, and can remember only ever requiring them once. Until the other day on my Honda Varadero.
I'd had it serviced that day, and the eejits had somehow disabled my low fuel indicator, and I (yes I, the one that would NEVER be stupid enough to run out of fuel) - did and although I wasn't miles away from a fuel pump, I did have my full bike gear on and it may as well have been miles.

RAC got someone to me within their predicted 20 minutes.

We all know that we are more likely to make the effort and comment on these forums when we are unhappy with the service, so, I thought I'd buck the trend and add a positive thread.

So, thank you RAC, it was cold and wet, and you got me home quick style; membership cost paid back easily.

Keep it up, and don't read too much into the negatives on here; it's just human nature.