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Thread: RAC Traffic Alert 1210

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    Default RAC Traffic Alert 1210

    Lost and found my old RAC Traffic Allert 1210 which served me so well in the ninety's.
    Any idea if the syatem still operates and if yes what is your recent experience.
    Thanks MartinTaxi

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    hi. i brought car on my birth day and it had an rac traffic alert 1210 in could some one please tell me how it works. I have put battres in it
    p.s do you have to register it if so could you tell me how

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    I've had an RAC traffic alert 1210 for the past 10 years and yes it still works.
    I have it on the top right hand side of my windscreen. In summer whenit gets hot, battery drain is a problem, but otherwise it works well. It works by picking up the signals generated by the info systems on the A roads and motorways. You know, the things on bridges and gantrys and on side of the road that look like camaras but not.
    It a poor mans version of a GPRS that's found in most sat navs.
    It is a basic unit that does it's job. nothing fancy.
    If you have a sat-nav, you will not need one of these as you can adapt your sat-nav into a traffic master. Most sat-nav units allows for this as an extra.

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    My one seems to have stopped working a few months ago. It still beeps when the batteries are inserted but no longer responds to the roadside transmitters. Has the system changed or has my unit just failed?
    Thanks Michael

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