Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and am in need of some advice please. I've been looking to purchase a newish Ford fiesta and have finally found one that's not quite 4 years old and in my price range and its only done 12000 miles. The price is soooo good it's almost too good to be true if I'm honest (approx £1800 less than I'd expect it to be).
I've already carried out an HPI check and it's clear - I've not actually seen the car yet but I've been sent several photos and it looks immaculate inside and out!! I contacted the seller who has advised that she has taken a job in Germany recently and is there at the moment. She says she bought the car in feb, then got the job abroad so signed a contract with a car transport company called Ace uk holdco ltd and they currently have the car, keys and paperwork in their warehouse in Northumberland and will deal with the sale etc and can deliver the car to me for no extra cost (she has paid for delivery of the car anywhere in the uk). I've not yet contacted them but I've searched the web for reviews and can find absolutely nothing except various listings in company search directories. They are listed at companies house. Their web address is

I know there are scams out there whereby the buyer gives the intermediary money for the car then the car never turns up!! I have no intention of handing over any money without having the car and keys in my hand.

I was thinking of getting the RAC to do a full inspection on the basis that if the car doesn't actually exist (the photos could have been any random car) then Ace Uk holdco ltd will fob off the RAC so the appointment is never kept. That's my theory anyway!!

So, has anyone ever heard of Ace UK Holdco Ltd?? It just all seems a bit odd. The car is being sold for approx £1800 less than all other models of same year which I'm also suspicious about. If it is legit then I'll happily buy it but I need to be sure this is a real deal.

Any advice would be very welcome. Thank you.