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    I have just had to go through complaints to sort out an issue and the decision has come back that the damage was not down to the RAC, however, no-one has come out to look at the damage done so how can they say it was not them? They have looked at the paper work and made the decision, yet not witnessed it first hand.. I thought it was part of the procedure for someone to come and see the car when a claim has been made that a member of the RAC has damaged something?

    Can anyone advise...


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    Try copying and pasting your question in the Breakdown section in the RAC Feedback sub-section. Usually one of the admin people reply on there.

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    I am sorry you feel that we have not addressed your concerns to your satisfaction. It may not always be neccessary to inspect your vehicle in order to address your claim. I understand that you feel we have damaged a fuel injector. Our records show that our Patrol attended and found a fuel leaking from a leak off pipe. He refitted the pipe and secured it with a cable tie. His report and that supplied by your garage have been submitted to our National Technical Centre. The conclusion of our investigation is that we have not caused the damage as claimed, which I understand has been explained to you. I am sorry that you remain dissatisfied. I have asked my colleague to review the matter to see if we can add any further information to that which we have already provided.

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