Hoping someone could advise on possible legal standing.
Sold a car, changed details with DVLA (letter acknowledged) but held insurance to put on to next car. Ended up forgetting about it. several months later someone else has had an accident in that car, and my insurance company are saying that the claim will go against me and I will have to pay because I never cancelled the policy.

My argument is that the policy was void as I was no longer the owner as stated in the insurance documents and the car was not being driven by myself or by someone with my permission which is also a requirement as stated in the documents.

The claim is from the highways agency as they say they have photos of the car causing damage.

I am aware I should have cancelled the policy but genuinely forgot after initial delay with intent to replace that car (with policies for two other cars, two motor bikes, pushbike, home ins, accident ins, etc I don't keep track of policies very well).

I would like to contest my liability for that claim but do not know where I stand legally at the moment.

Any help or suggestion gratefully received.