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Thread: Entire engine blown or head cyclinder?

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    Default Entire engine blown or head cyclinder?

    On Saturday evening driving home there was a lot of steam coming from car engine (Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 litre petrol 56 plate).

    Managed to make it home (about 20 mins), but when inspecting car this morning, it turns out the water for the radiator had completely drained out as one of the loops at the side of the head cyclinder (see red circled part on pictures 2 and 3)had burst (discovered by refilling the radiator water container and noticing the water pouring out of hole).

    Friend tells me that "I've blown the head". From this, he explained that this is the "ecotec" head of the engine, red circled in the first picture. What he was saying is that the head of the engine has cracked due to the car running without any water, and that I need a completely new/reconditioned/second hand engine.

    Is this the only option? Are there other options, such as replacing just the head of the engine? Or another option?*********
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    The broken piece is part of the water pump. A simple and not too difficult job to replace. Any competent garage can do this.

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