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Thread: let down by yet another breakdown company

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    Default let down by yet another breakdown company

    was let down badly last year and had to wait 17 hours for the AA to respond to my broken down motorbike... called out tonight for a flat battery on my car and waited an hour no further phone calls off R.A.C. or the SUPPOSED break down company... the initial fone call used up all of my mobile fone credit, as the breakdown number is not free !!! Eventually after asking numerous people in the car park for jump leads or a bump starter, two men, gave me a hand to bump start the car in the car park. in reverse gear as car was pointing downhill in reverse... still no sign of breakdown, i got my son to phone up R.A.C at home, as i only had a small amount of credit on my phone just enough for one text......... You....R.A.C said the breakdown company will be another 45 minutes... i had already got my car going so txt my son to cancel the breakdown

    thanks R.A.C. for nothing not even a courtesy return call to see if i got home safely... waste of space and wont be renewing with you next year...

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    I am sorry that you are dissatisfied with our actions. We do appreciate that a vehicle breakdown can be stressful, which is why we aim to attend within the hour wherever possible. However, we cant and dont promise to do so due to the very nature of our profession. As we receive calls 24 hour a day 7 days a week on a national basis, we simply cant predict the number of calls we are going to receive, where the breakdown will occur or what level of service each customer will require. As our resources are constantly moving around the country to help our customers our plans are ever changing. Therefore we can only ever give an estimated time of arrival when we take your initial call. If our plans do change we should call you to advise and ensure you are OK. Our records show that you called us from a supermarket carpark at 16:35 and we advised we would arrived in 75 minutes. We did try to contact you at 17:26 to advise that we were getting busy in this area, but we couldnt get through to you. At 17:32 your son called having noted a missed call and he was advised of a revised arrival time of 18:15 to 18:30. Four minutes later your son cancelled our assistance advising the battery fault had been rectified. I am sorry that we did not attend as swiftly as we we have liked on this occasion and that as a result you do not intend to renew your policy with RAC.

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    Unhappy Mr Andrew Hallworth

    I am disgusted with the service my wife received today. My wife had a puncture at 0800 and rang the rac at 0845. She was 8 miles from home after having dropped my daughter off at school. My 3 year old son was with her. Initially my wife was told 10am, this shortly changed to 11.30. Made wife made and received several calls from the rac none of which were professional or help full. I had to leave work to pick my son up and take to nursery. The wheel could not be changed because the locking wheel nut was rounded, the rac were informed this. None the less they sent a petrol car that tried and broke 3 locking wheel nuts, I had already told them the wheel nut would not come off! This man although he tried his best was unable to help with towing the car as it was a 4 wheel drive car (audi a3) as it shows on the rac's database. My wife had to wait for a low loader and after several arguments to get help sooner my wife arrived home at 3pm, 6 hours for an 8 mile recovery!!! To top things of the hire car the rac organised did not turn up meaning my wife had to borrow a car to do the evening school run as well as missing a full days work. Thanks rac, but she will not be renewing her membership! .

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    Now - let me get this straight. You allow your wife to drive a 4WD car with a broken (rounded off) locking wheel nut, which makes changing the wheel impossible.

    Whe she gets (the inevitable) puncture, she waits 45 minutes and then calls out the RAC for a relay recovery. They, knowing that even damaged locking nuts can often be removed, send the nearest patrol. This guy then goes on to damage all the other three locking nuts???

    The RAC do seem to have kept in touch, and we have no idea what the reason for the long delay, or the non appearance of the hire car is. Hopefully, we will see more information from both sides.

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