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Thread: garage has blown up my engine!!!!!

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    Default garage has blown up my engine!!!!!

    evening all

    i recently took my car to the local garage as a siren like noise was coming from under the bonnet and i lost power....i suspected the turbo faulty, left it with garage and they confirmed it was also. The car is an astra 1.7cdti 2009
    The mechanic checked it wasnt other issues such as vacuum pump/split hose etc so he has tinkered with it
    i sourced a reconditioned turbo, gave it to the mechanic and left it with him

    recieved a call yesterday from the mechanic to say he has had problems. After working on it and fitting the turbo he said the engine wouldnt cut off when he tried to turn it off, the engine constantly revved then blew up the engine!!!!
    in fairness to the mechanic he said he doesnt think it was a problem with the new turbo and that maybe oil had somehow gotten into the engine. Has referred it to his public liability insurance who are sending one of their engineers to look over the car to establish what has happened. Im worried that:

    1) an engineer sent by the insurance is biased

    2) the mechanic has had the car over a week he could do something to suggest it isnt his fault

    3) i dont have a leg to stand on if they try and blame my car

    never had a single issue with the car as long as ive had it until now, if they fit a second hand engine the value of my car goes down!
    has anyone else had an experience like this? the garage hasnt even provided a courtesy car we have had to fork out for a hire car which is costing hundreds

    thanks in advance

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    It sounds like when the turbo failed engine oil got into the intake system etc.

    Then when restarted it ran away on this oil.

    I suppose the other possibility is the replacement turbo failed and again it ran away on the cars engine oil.

    These are guesses on my part to be fair.

    Hometune will you give you a much better point of view.

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    We can only guess at what has happened but Loony's explanation seems to fit. If the original turbo was squealing as described - indicating a failed bearing which would have then damaged the oil seal - there is every possibility that engine oil has been forced into the intake pipe, then into the intercooler where it may have collected. On starting the car after fitting the new turbo the new high pressure has forced the oil from the intercooler up to the inlet manifold where it has been burned by the engine and "ran away" to self destruct.

    We can only guess but if there had been evidence of oil loss, such as oil in the pipe from the turbo, oil in the exhaust pipe and low oil level then the mechanic should have cleaned this out before starting the engine.

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