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Thread: cambelt snapped after three weeks - bought from car dealer

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    Default cambelt snapped after three weeks - bought from car dealer

    Hi, Updated, thank you "hometune" for your input. This is my second post. Briefly, I bought a car for my son four weeks ago (Peaugot 206 54 plate, 86000 mileage) from a local garage in Sunderland for £1200. 18 days later the timing belt snapped while he was driving on a motorway. Paid £180 breakdown charge to return it to his residence in Manchester. Contacted the garage dealer twice and explained above. He tells me the timing belt could 'go anytime', and dosen't do warranties on older cars for that price bracket (this wasn't mentioned at the time of purchase). His bottom line is he will repair the car very cheaply (£250) but will not pay for transportation from Manchester to Sunderland (I paid £190 for transport to the dealers (separate) mechanics garage in Sunderland to avoid on-going parking charges where it was parked) saying this is the best he can do.
    My son dosen't want this broken car fixed, I don't blame him - for ongoing expenses accruing and future concerns of reliability, and I've took responsibility for this predicament. I feel I'm being dealt unfairly and entitled to a full refund and incurred costs for breakdown and transportation? - up to now totaling £1,570 even without a repair. I told the dealer I'd get back to him when I've made a decision. Am I covered with the Sale of Goods Act 1979 "faulty goods/fit for purpose" or is the timing belt classed as "general wear and tear" (Peaugot recommends timing belt replacement for this model at 80,000 miles), the car's 6000 miles over this!

    Undecided and stressed! HELP APPRECIATED!

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    Quote....."doesn't do warranties on older cars for that price bracket"If he is a dealer, he is legally required to give a three month warranty on every car he sells. As for the belt snapping, he is right, they can go at any time, and I suppose his cop out, will be......fair ware and tear, which is always used by warranty companies, to get out of paying up.You could contact the Fair Trading Standards folk and see what they have to say on the matter, good luck.

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    Tell him in no uncertain terms you want your money back. He is talking nonsense and hoping you will go away. You have 6 months under the Sale of Goods Act.
    As for his reply about the belt going anytime - well I cannot post the words in Anglo Saxon I would like to use.
    1. Tell him in writing you want all your money back, All of it. End of.
    2. Contact Citizens Advice for initial contact.
    3. Tell CAB to forward to Trading Standards for the area the dealer resides in for investigation.

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