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    Who is fault. I breakdown back in September call the rac. Patrol arrived asked me what is the problem after that checking the car identify is my alternator cable loose. He explain that he can fixed no time.After 6 weeks breakdown again call the rac patrol arrived check the battery and told me I need new battery , I explain to him I had same issue 6 weeks ago and first patrol told me loose connection he was certain it was the battery I did want to purchase battery he did not have the right one. I bought new battery from eurocar parts same is what the rac is using. I had a another breakdown in April call the rac they told me possible alternator he say I need to go garage to get it sorted. I choose a garage. When the garage diagnose the problem guess what?
    My alternator is burned and the cable due loose connection overload.
    Contact the rac customer care they asked diagnose from garage, battery invoice. I got all the information with in few days. Customer care executive and I received an email requesting those information they request week later. I called customer care executive and told him they got those information over a week after find the emails blame the admin. Any way who is fault mine or RAC?
    By the way I forget the mention alternator was only 14 months old.

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    Welcome to the site Nedim, to be honest I can't see why it's the RAC fault? It looks like if the car had been regularly serviced and checked, the slack cable would have been noticed a lot sooner,Good luck.

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