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Thread: I'd like my money back please?

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    Default I'd like my money back please?

    On the 14/11/14 I put petrol in my diesel car. I called the RAC and paid £199 for roadside help. Within half an hour of my call, I cancelled the call out as I managed to get help from a friend for a fraction of the price. However, I have not been reimbursed, the RAC still has my money and I have had no response to my email to customer services sent on the 20/11. I've been a customer since 1995 and I'm unimpressed with how this has been handled. Maybe someone could contact me and reimburse my money ASAP.

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    Hi Kate - if you send an email to they should be able to assist you.

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    I agree their customer service is shocking. On Friday the 5th December my wife was travelling to Norwich from Newbury. She miss fueled in Reading and called me. I then called the RAC @ ~ 715pm. You told me that a miss fuel is not covered and it would be £199 for the call out, then you told me my memberships did not cover my wife, but you could have someone out in 45min. I agree and was then passed onto your sales team to take my money. I was then offered two options, to extend my membership to my wife for £125 then the £199 call out on top. Or take a nonmember option for £250. I reluctantly agreed to the £250 option. So you know I will take this up with both Barclays and Nissan. Once you had taken my money you then told me it would 90min before you could get someone out, not the 45min you originally committed too. I said that this was unacceptable. I had two young children and my wife stranded. You out me on hold to talk to your third party, you then told me that my wife had been prioritized and they would be there within the 45min. An hour passes and my wife calls, no one has contacted her and no one has turned up. I call you again and I'm told someone will be there in 10min or less. 15min later my wife calls me, again no contact and no one has turned up. I call you back, I was then told there has been a system error and it's another 90min! I am concerned for my wife and kids and totally frustrated with the lies...system, he had been on the phone several time now to your third party. I ask to speak to a manager, but I'm told I can't but one will call me back in 2 min. I wait for 5min and no call, I call back, again cannot speak to a manager, I am now furious. I hand up and this time a manger does call me back, he is nice and starts to tell me what his team should not have done however I don't care I want someone out to help my wife and children. He does get someone out in the end. However, this person then sells her another £35 for a tank wash, she is stressed and will agree to anything at this stage, so your team took advantage of her. Eventually the car is fixed by 11pm, and gets home by 11:30pm. So our weekend is ruined, yes she miss fueled but had they made your commitments she would have made it to Norwich. I have complained but just being ignore. I probably need to complain about their complaints process!!!

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    This seems to be a double post?

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