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Thread: Focus low mileage vs A3 high mileage

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    Default Focus low mileage vs A3 high mileage

    Hi all,

    Just looking for some advise.
    I currently have a budget of around £4500-£5000 to buy a car. It has to be from a car dealership as I am going through a finance company.

    Couple of cars I am looking at are diesels as I am looking to get a good return on the mpg.
    I have seen a focus I quite like it's done 66k miles, I would assume this is better due to the low mileage. But I have also seen a nice A3 but has done 110k miles, would people avoid this due to the high mileage or do these cars generally perform fine past this point nowadays?

    Thanks for any advise!

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    Welcome to the site, personally I go for low mileage, when it comes to buying cars, as opposed to the car reg. number.

    Its just down to personal choice, after all, modern cars can do a lot more mileage these days, but like I say, it's a personal choice for the buyer, good luck.

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    Thanks. That it exactly what I was thinking. Probably better with a lower mileage car. But I know that these cars now tend to last longer. Would like a nice A3 or so,etching like that but am I going to risking repairs and stuff by going with the higher mileage.

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    Having had an expensive lesson about dpf s it is something I would check. If either has not had a new dpf it will be very costly : that of course is if one is fitted. My brother in law has an Audi and maintenance is high cost. Personally I would go for the focus.

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    Maybe this will help you decide?


    Most of the decision is purely personal and with the problems on the Focus, especially at the age you will be buying, this will include the dash, dual mass flywheel, turbo (a certainty) and fuse box problems.
    Against this you are looking at a better built car with better resale value although at the price you may have the dual mass to consider, driveshaft rubber boots, possibly a turbo if it has been maintained poorly (i.e. wrong oil).

    Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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    You should also consider the insurance premium.

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