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Thread: beware getting stuck in mud

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    Just out of curiosity. There is a lane up the road from me, single track with passing places. The passing places are just carved out of the bank, and not surfaced. You can imagine what the surface of these are like at the moment with all the rain we have had. So, if a car legitimately pulled into one of these passing places and got stuck, would the RAC come out to assist?
    Although I do appreciate the RAC stand on pulling out of mud, punctures with no spare etc, I still think that any 'stranded' motorist is at least entitled to the attendance of a proper Patrol to assess if something could be done without risking their safety. As well as explaining properly as to why a customer would have to face a seperate charge for assistance.
    Does the RAC receive any remuneration from charges made by private contractors?

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    We are here to help and we will assess the needs of each customer on an individual basis. We advise at the point of processing the call that if any specialist equipment is needed to return the vehicle to hard standing ground from where it can be loaded onto a recovery truck, the cost for the use of this equipment will be chargeable. It is ultimately then the customers decision if they wish to proceed with our service or make their own arrangements.

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