i have now been a member of the RAC for nearly a year now, and have only had to call them out 3 times but the service i have recieved is absolute rubbish, on the first occasion i called a patrol out because my clutch had burnt out and was stuck in 3 rd gear, we were waiting for about 2 and half hours for the patrol to arrive, when he arrived he said it was safe to drive home and he couldnt tow us back because they can only tow people as a last resort, i think this is out of order as it could have caused more damage to the car.
yesterday i had to call them out again as i had an electrical problem, when the patrol arrived he only did quick and simple checks and said it will have to be left for an auto electrician to work on, as he hasnt got time to get behind the dash board, i thought this was beyond a joke as i pay my membership every month and i pay for them to do the job they were sent out to do. today i rang the breakdown line back as i was not happy with yesterdays service so yet again they said they would send out another patrol, he arrived within an hour of calling them. when he arrived he was happy to check the car over, after 5 minutes of him being here he found the problem and the car was running as normal, i think that this should have been dealt with properly on the first time of them being called out. ( all of this bother just because the first patrol failed to spot that a fuse had popped ) a simple thing like this should have been spotted in the first place.

I have news for the RAC, when my membership has ended for this year i will cancel, as last year i was with the AA and they were always happy and dealt with the problem right away.