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    i have now been a member of the RAC for nearly a year now, and have only had to call them out 3 times but the service i have recieved is absolute rubbish, on the first occasion i called a patrol out because my clutch had burnt out and was stuck in 3 rd gear, we were waiting for about 2 and half hours for the patrol to arrive, when he arrived he said it was safe to drive home and he couldnt tow us back because they can only tow people as a last resort, i think this is out of order as it could have caused more damage to the car.
    yesterday i had to call them out again as i had an electrical problem, when the patrol arrived he only did quick and simple checks and said it will have to be left for an auto electrician to work on, as he hasnt got time to get behind the dash board, i thought this was beyond a joke as i pay my membership every month and i pay for them to do the job they were sent out to do. today i rang the breakdown line back as i was not happy with yesterdays service so yet again they said they would send out another patrol, he arrived within an hour of calling them. when he arrived he was happy to check the car over, after 5 minutes of him being here he found the problem and the car was running as normal, i think that this should have been dealt with properly on the first time of them being called out. ( all of this bother just because the first patrol failed to spot that a fuse had popped ) a simple thing like this should have been spotted in the first place.

    I have news for the RAC, when my membership has ended for this year i will cancel, as last year i was with the AA and they were always happy and dealt with the problem right away.

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    I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the service provided to you on the last three occasions. I can find no record of you discussing any of these matters with our Breakdown Customer Care department. Therefore I have commenced an investigation into the events and I will contact you as quickly as I can within the next 10 working days with my findings.

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    An amazing post this one! 3 call outs in under 12 months! I'm not in the RAC or part of it so I'm neutral and I cannot see why you are so upset.
    The clutch issue would not do any more damage so no need to get angry over that.
    No idea what the electrical problem was as we don't even know what make, model or year of car you have or even the fault itself. The first patrol has quite correctly decided against pulling the dash out as this should not be done at the roadside. So, I don;t see what he has done wrong.
    The second patrol has had a look and discovered a fuse has blown. He has replaced it and you are happy. But why did the fuse blow? They don't blow for no reason so has the faulty component been replaced or tested or the wiring etc etc? Because if it hasn't then the fuse will blow again and you will be calling either the RAC or the AA again.

    Curiously you mention that you were with the AA previously, "and they were always happy to deal with the problem right away" which suggests you either have a very bad car that is prone to many breakdowns or there is a pre-exisiting fault that has never been properly repaired. With all these breakdowns I am surprised any breakdown company will take you on. And if the AA are so marvellous, why change to the RAC?

    If I was the boss of the RAC, your threat to leave would be thankfully received.

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    Quote......I have news for the RAC, when my membership has ended for this year i will cancel, as last year i was with the AA and they were always happy and dealt with the problem right away."

    Don't forget to cancel your direct debit at the bank, as some folk forget to do that, then complain in here when they find that the RAC took money from their account?

    I would think about a change of car as well, good luck.

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    Like Hometune I find this amazing. No breakdown service is meant to replace responsibility for making sure your car is well maintained. It is unbelievable that you think 3 times in a year merits an 'only'. I have yet, and I hope I never will, had cause to complain about service. On the few occasions ( things can happen ) service has been exemplary. The customer is not always right. Some people have been on here with reasonable complaints - this is not one of them. As is often observed the many satisfied people rarely comment.

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