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Thread: galaxy 2006 DMF has shattered

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    Default galaxy 2006 DMF has shattered

    galaxy 2006 1,9 tdi, 6speed gear box manual, My DMF has shattered and parts have punched a hole in the bell housing, my question is, can the damaged bell housing be replaced without disturbing and parts in the gear box, like is it a separate housing to the gearbox, plus where can if at all a replacement bell housing be bought.
    Now the gearbox has been taken out, the damage that has been caused is from the DMF, the compression springs inside the DMF housing has snapped and the sharp loose end of the spring has worn away the steel outer cover of the DMF and has poked out into the bell housing to a degree that it has touched the inner wall of the bell housing and grooved it out severely and in places worn a slot about 25mm/ 180mm long.
    Secong hand bell housing fitted £500, then end float found on the splined shaft that goes throught the clutch plate, so another £200 to machine and aluminium bush the shaft end to take back up the float,Hopfully this should be the end of the problem.
    But the compression spring should have never snapped, it is this snapped spring that has caused all the damage, should have done an investigation when we first heard a rattle instead of driving for an additional 3 days.
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    Fairly sure it is a one piece unit on your car. A gearbox specialist is the place to go or source a complete second hand box from a scrapyard.

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