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Thank you everyone. Dacouch, your response is fantastic and I will be responding to the insurers today based upon your advice. I had reached the end of my tether and put this out as a question in the knowledge I was clutching at straws. I now have a shred of optimism and will let you know how I get on and for anyone else who gets themselves in the same pickle.
I would be inclined to ring them on Monday (If the matter can wait) as they will have a skeleton staff on at the weekend and it's possible the senior staff on duty may have a limited knowledge of insurance (You would be amazed how little actual knowledge of Insurance a lot of staff have they're often chosen for having supervisory experience in different professions).

It may be worth giving the Ombudsman a quick call before you ring, there's a very good chance they will either contact your Insurers for you and tell them they're making a mistake or will give you a reference number to log the problem which you can then inform your Insurers of.

Failing that try...

The important thing is to be polite but confident, if you're aggressive or swear it will put their backs up.

Some points I find helpful are to ask the member of staffs name at the start of the call and then use their name as much as possible.

It can also help if you ask them a couple of closed questions eg questions they can only really give one answer too

(I would especially ask this question) "Bearing in mind I had paid the correct premium to reflect my risk and the only problem being giving you the incorrect registration number, would you have paid any claims I had made?" If they answer no to this question they are either deliberately telling you B.S or do not know what they're talking about.

"So David, if you were in my position and had paid the correct premium but had made a simple mistake when giving the registration and were stopped by the police, how would you feel?"

Do mention that you've taken advice and do try and speak to someone senior.