Hi, I'm a newbie to the site but a long standing customer of RAC. I had a blow-out on a rear tyre last night. Having managed to get the car into a layby on the dual carriageway I was on, I contacted RAC. I informed them that I had the entire family in the vehicle (my wife and 5 children, all girls, the youngest being 2yrs old) so I expected I would be given some priority. After a protracted conversation with the agent regarding my whereabouts (he couldn't reconcile that the road name and number I was giving him was my actual location???), I even offered to give him co-ordinates from my satnav (which he declined) he informed me that the earliest he could get someone to me was 75 minutes. I then received a text from a 3rd party recovery agent saying that they would get to me in 2hrs? I contacted RAC again who said that the new, delayed time, was correct. Naturally I kicked up a stink about it but the agent really couldn't have cared less. Well, 2 hours turned into 3 and a half hours before a recovery truck arrived - only for him to say that he couldn't take my vehicle as it is a 4*4 (Volvo xc90)! Fortunately, the correct recovery unit arrived within another 30 minutes.

I'd contacted RAC a few more times in the hours we were waiting, only to be kept on hold for sometime (at my expense - calling from a mobile) and was informed that somebody would call me back with regular updates (I was told I was a priority) on when I could expect the recovery. As of this morning, I still haven't been contacted by the RAC?

So, what to do next? I know I need to elevate this as a complaint but can someone please give me a steer on the best route for this complaint - id rather not go through the tedium of the regular customer service route but I will if I have to.