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Thread: Lost Car Keys - Revisited!

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    I see on other threads in this forum that the RAC do not cover the cost of replacing lost or stolen car keys, and that they will either take you home to fetch the spare set or take your car to a garage (presumably they will hoist the car onto a transporter if they cannot gain access).

    My understanding is that the RAC WILL cover the cost of replacement - see below, the RAC's comments on the matter.

    "Key Replace

    Avoid the unexpected cost of replacement keys and locks, we will cover the costs to replace your lost or stolen house and car keys. We can even arrange a courtesy car if required.

    We will provide new locks and keys, and/or remobilising immobilisers and alarms and cover locksmith charges up to £1000. A Key Replace claim cannot be made within the first 14 days of joining. "

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    That only applies if you buy their optional "Key Replace" cover, at an additional cost of £9 per year.

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    Key Replace is an optional extra for which you have to pay. There is a long set of T & Cs relating to it:

    SECTION E: Key Replace
    Please refer to your policy schedule which sets out whether the membership includes cover for Key Replace as set out in this Section E.
    What is covered
    If during the membership period and anywhere in the territory and Europe, an insured key is lost or stolen, or locked inside the member’s home or vehicle we will pay up to £1,000 during a membership year, in respect of:
    1. Locksmith’s charges;
    2. New locks (if a security risk has arisen);
    3. Up to 3 replacement keys per lock (including any immobiliser, infra-red handset and/or alarm which is integral to any insured key if such cannot be re-programmed). The number of replacement keys provided will directly correspond to the number of keys that have been lost or stolen;
    4. Replacement car hire to a maximum of £35 per day (up to a maximum of three consecutive days or until the key replace event has been resolved, whichever is sooner), or alternative onward transport costs to a maximum of £80 for all persons travelling in the vehicle.
    5. The re-programming of immobilisers, infra-red handsets and alarms which are attached to the fob but are not integral to an insured key.

    We will also provide an emergency helpline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 0845 8501 969 if you need assistance.
    What is not covered
    We will not cover any costs in respect of:
    1. Keys lost or stolen when such keys are not attached to the fob, unless you have already notified the key replace administrator that the fob has been lost or damaged and you are awaiting a replacement, in which event the key replace administrator will consider a claim in respect of any key which they are satisfied would otherwise have been attached to the fob;
    2. Stolen keys that were not reported to the police within 72 hours;
    3. Any amount which exceeds £1,000 in total in any one membership year including call out charges for insured keys locked inside the home or vehicle;
    4. Any claim where you do not produce receipts or invoices for payments you have made within 120 days of the key replace event;
    5. Replacement of an insured key within the first 3 days of the date of the loss, unless the key replace administrator is satisfied that a delay would cause undue hardship or significant expense;
    6. Insured keys lost by or stolen from someone other than the lead member or members residing at the same address as the lead member;
    7. Costs other than replacement keys where a claim for insured keys is made if there are duplicate keys available to you immediately or reasonably quickly;
    8. Any key replace event not reported to the key replace administrator within 30 days of the loss or theft;
    9. Locks and keys which are damaged prior to the loss or theft of insured keys;
    10. Replacement locks or keys of a higher standard or specification than those replaced;
    11. Car hire: any specific type or model. You may, however be able to arrange additional or upgraded hire car vehicles for an additional cost;
    Any replacement car hire arranged by us where you cannot comply with the usual terms and conditions of the hire company. For example, requiring the driver to hold and present a driving licence or being able to provide a valid credit or debit card with
    sufficient funds available for the car hire company to take a deposit. We use reputable car hire companies with market standard terms and conditions;
    13. Any replacement car hire arranged by you that has not been agreed with us prior to you making the arrangements;
    14. Delivery and collection of the hire car. This will include any fuel used during delivery and collection;
    15. Any fuel used while the hire car is with a driver or member, including any fuel required to refuel the car at the end of the hire car period to comply with the hire company’s terms and conditions;
    16. Charges or costs incurred where: a. the key replace administrator arranges for the attendance of a locksmith or other tradesman, agent or representative at a particular location and you fail to attend; or
    b. you make alternative arrangements with a third party once the key replace administrator has arranged for a locksmith or other tradesman, agent or representative to attend a particular location;

    17. Loss of any property other than an insured key and its associated lock or ignition system, and any immobiliser, infra-red handset and/or alarm attached to the fob;
    18. Any loss of earnings or profits which you or any other person suffer as a result of the loss or theft of an insured key; or
    19. Claims:
    a. Arising from any deliberate or criminal act or omission by you or any immediate member of your family residing at the same address;
    b. arising as a result of your failure to take all reasonable steps to safeguard on insured key; or
    c. relating to reduction of market value to any property resulting from the loss or theft of the insured keys.
    1. Any claim occurring prior to or within the first 14 days of the lead member joining or upgrading the membership to include this Section E; however this 14 day exclusion period will not apply upon renewal of a membership that includes this Section.

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    Always try to carry a spare set of keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis W View Post
    Always try to carry a spare set of keys.
    Some Comprehensive car insurance policies also cover loss of keys.

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