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No company I ever worked for would do less than the recommended servicing. Partly from simple good management, and partly from fear of legal problems if something bad happened as a result. The cost of a service pales into insignificance, compared to the cost of missed appointments and lost sales resulting from a breakdown.
I did work for several of the big leasing companies and they all cut corners. They negotiated fixed price servicing with my employer and at the quoted prices it was impossible to do the service as required by the manufacturer.

I was under the impression that most hire companies didn't keep their cars long enough to need a service.
Some of the cars and vans in my case had over 40,000 miles and some had just one oil change if they were lucky. It was hard work getting them to agree to a set of brake pads. Al they really wanted was a stamp in the service book for the resale.
An ex colleague still does this work and both he and another colleague agree they would never buy an ex-lease or hire vehicle.