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Thread: Rover 45 on a 05 plate

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    Default Rover 45 on a 05 plate

    I removed the battery to charge it full as it seemed a bit low
    When I refitted the battery the washer pump started on its own and the water overheat icon was on constantly and the temp dial goes to overheat even though the car is not running
    when I put the key in and tried to start it the starter motor sounded like it wasn't engaging
    only the icons on the dash light up but no heater fan or radio ,windows internal lights
    I have checked the fuses under the bonnet and inside the car but all seem ok
    key fob doesn't open the car and I have tried the manual 4 digit code with the key in the drivers door ?
    Can anyone help
    The car was running fine before I removed the battery

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    Try this site,if you cannt find the answer ask the question here

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    I would check that you have all the battery cables connected, and that they are connected to the right terminals. I have heard of all sorts of things happening when cross-connected.

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    Being an avid Rover/ MG owner over the years this problem seems unusual to me. I suggest removing the leads again and just checking that you have the correct poles connected. It is almost impossible to get it wrong as the leads won't normally fit if in wrong. Connect the +ve first and then the -ve try not to let it "spark/arc" by switching everything electric off. eg fan, radio etc. Then recode from the key fob with the buttons. Usually 2 presses will resynch. It may need doing again if the doors don't lock. Keep pressing the fob until it synchs. You will possibly also have to reenter the radio code. If the problem persists try pressing the buttons for slightly longer.

    Check that you have not knocked off the sensors wires from the side of the engine that send temp info to the gauge and ECU. There are 2, one on the front and one to the side of the cylinder head.
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