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Thread: Turbo fixed on car - 3 month warranty broke less than 4 months later!!! help!

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    Angry Turbo fixed on car - 3 month warranty broke less than 4 months later!!! help!


    I have a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi 55 Plate. (peugeot engine) 157k

    I had the turbo (part number 1335262) go and got it replaced by a mechanic close to my work. He replaced it and said 'about three months warranty'

    It has not even done 2000 miles since and is approx 3 months 25 days later and the turbo has gone. I realise that he said 3 months and we accepted it but surely after spending £441 to supply and fit I can expect more than 1500 miles and more than 4 months. Is there any laws to this type of thing? I believe when you buy a new car, if you have an issue within the first six month then it is believed to have had that issue when you purchased it and yo can get some help from trading standards. Is there anything similar for this type of bad luck????

    Please help as my boyfriend spent all his money fixing this car and now its worthless :-(

    many thanks,

    yours desperately


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    The price seems a bit low for a new turbo fitted, so I am wondering if it was a second-hand turbo that was fitted. If that is the case, I think it depends on whether the mechanic made you aware of the fact? If you were aware that he was fitting a second-hand unit then I have no idea of what recourse you have. If you believed he was fitting a new component then I think three months is an unreasonably short warranty for a new part.I would contact the mechanic initially and see what he says.

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    It was almost certainly a second hand part as all the new parts were approx that without fitting. Mostly, the brand new parts had no warranty so i didn't really see the point spending all that money. It's a problematic engine that most people seemed to want to avoid.

    The car is currently at the same mechanics garage waiting for him to have a look at it. The warranty ran out 24/12/13 so i can imagine what his answer will be. Just really don't need this at the minute but then who does .

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    All new car parts carry a 12 month warranty. If you have fitted second hand parts then that was a big mistake, especially turbos.
    As you have found out these turbos are not the best. When you get a new one or a reconditioned one you also get a new oil feed pipe due to a design flaw and you must follow the procedure that comes with it i.e. fill the turbo inlet with the special oil enclosed, rotate the turbo by hand to lubricate the bearing and do not rev the engine on starting.
    It really depends on what agreement you had at the start. Most scrap yards only give a months warranty at best. You may need to reach an agreement for you to pay for the parts and he fits for free. That may be a way out if he does not accept liability.

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