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Thread: Other Insurance company disputing liability

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    Default Other Insurance company disputing liability

    Hi, this is my first time of posting and would be grateful for any advice.

    I had an accident the week before Christmas and I thought it was clear cut that the other driver was at fault but his insurance company today have disputed liability.

    I was heading to the shops and turned left at a junction on quite a sharp bend, about 200m from the junction I turned right into the shops car park, as I started to turn the other car had attempted to overtake me and hit me on the side of my car, around the front wheel and driver door

    He claimed I was indicating left and not right, which I had been when I turned on to the road, but had changed my indicators before turning. He overtook me on a bend, with a single lane width restriction just in front of me

    The damage to his car was around the front left headlight.

    My insurance company have requested a statement from me and I have also sent them some photographs of the scene of the accident.

    Could anyone tell me if this is likely to be resolved in my favour?

    Thank you


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    Welcome to the site mandywat, sorry to read about your bump, if you read though these forums you will read many similar posts to yours.
    Its not unusual for folk to lie and cheat to get out of being blamed for an accident, but you have done the thing by sending your insurance company photos along with your statement, and don't settle for any 50/50 deal, if you are offered it, good luck.

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