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Thread: SORN and tax problem

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    Default SORN and tax problem

    i am a brand new driver i bought my first car in november it had no v5c with it so i didnt know if it was taxed or anything i sent of for my v5c upon receiving it back i saved up to insure it and to tax it and i have just realised it has not been sorned the tax ran out in november

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    Under the law, all vehicles have to either be SORN'd or taxed. Failure makes you liable to an £80 (£40 within two weeks) fine. I believe that it can take months to come through so no surprise there. You also have to pay the tax owed. If you had SORN'd it straight away, you would have avoided the fine and the back tax.

    Best thing is to go online and tax [or SORN] it now. Expect a fine through the post in due course and pay it promptly to minimise the cost. If, for some reason, you can't do it online, go to the Post office and do it there.
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    Where is the car parked? Has it got a valid MOT certificate? Is it a "runner"?

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