Hi all.
Got a bit of a situation....
Ive bought my first car on new years day an 03 impreza turbo. All seemed fine with it so i went with a mates dad who has trade plates to get it home as the car is untaxed and his trade plate insurance would cover it. on the way home something broke,the clutch by my mates dads reckoning and allegedly it cant be fixed roadside as with these cars its a big job.
after parking it up and getting a train home i discovered that i have rac breakdown/recovery cover as part of some travel insurance i bought through my barclays current account for a holiday i went on a while ago.
Am i still eligible for recovery even though Ive had to park the car up? the recovery costs are mental and ive spent all my money on the car!
thankyou in advance, someone please give me good news!