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Thread: Should I expect a NIP?

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    There were a few times I have gone "over" the speed limit, to overtake slower traffic. especially on the A9, where the overtaking opportunities are slim, so we have to take the chance when it comes.

    As TC1414I said earlier, I once spoke to a traffic cop years ago, when we were in a jam on the A9, and he was telling me that they don't really bother about folk doing, up to 80mph on the A9, it was folk hitting the 90-100, that they were more concerned about.

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    If I find myself without a ticket in 14 days, This will be some sort of 'let off' I'm sure.

    Ironically, when I got another 10 miles up the road, there were two flash cars going 120+ easy past me... I was sort of kicking myself thinking if I'd got a ticket for that 6 second overtake, and they're booming up the road at 120+ racing... Haha .

    Anyway. Thanks for the reassurance, I guess you only read the horror stories on Yahoo Answers! and boy racer websites, of people wondering if the unmarked car behind them caught them or not while necking 100'.

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