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    I was wondering if anyone can help...

    I was involved in an accident in May, where a 3rd party moved into my lane hitting me. He drove off and all I got was his registration number. I logged it with the police to follow up and went through my insurance as well. As I needed my car fixed I had to claim on my insurance and pay my excess of £450 (im young!). Hoping down the line I would get it back etc. A few months later my renewal was due, and the price was expensive because I made a claim and lost my bonuses. I then left my insurance company to move somewhere else who could offer cheaper insurance in my situation.

    Today I recieve a cheque through the post for £450 from my old insurance company.

    Does this mean that the 3rd part now excepted liability? And am I entitled to my no claim bonuses back?



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    Yep that would sound likely. You should contact them and ask for a revised no claim bonus letter. When you receive it, send it to your new insurers for a big fat refund!

    Good luck!

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    hi there- that should hopefully be fine for you- but the otherside is that it may have come from your legal services side (if you have it) in which case you would have recieved your excess that you paid out, rather than the other driver being found and accepting liability and you getting your ncd- definately have to ring your insurance company as then hopefully your new comp will take them on board and get a nice cheaper policy!!!

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    you need to advise your previous insurers that you have received your excess reinburstment, they will then forward a no claims bonus reinstatement letter to your new insurers, you will then get your refund based on the fact the premium is paid in full, hope this helps

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